Pastides’ Eddie equals her May. Crucially, he brings out the clown in the cowpoke, which gives May a pedestal to knock him off of. All bombast and swagger, he whips out his lasso, snapping it around pieces of May’s furniture as if he’s always just one errant impulse away from roping May in, too, and hauling her off.

-San Francisco Chronicle

Andrew Pastides... rages from within. In Pastides’ hands, Eddie’s emotional volatility reveals his aimless lot in life.





The acting is    superb...

-Denver Post

Andrew Pastides is terrific as Daniel, arrogant and rude as he desperately fights psychic disintegration.

-Colorado Drama

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Mr. Pastides gives us a hostile but likable and even poignant Tom whose regret seems to grow as the play progresses.

-New York Times

Pastides excels when he must apologize, resigned to the fact that a house with an unhappy woman in it will never know peace. The young actor shows Tom's callow and shallow side, but manages to get the audience's sympathy, too, as his mother literally gets in his hair, fixing it to her liking. Pastides' finest moment comes when Amanda insists that he take his coffee her way, not his -- and he struggles to push away a nervous breakdown that would invade his body if he didn't make a super-human effort to keep it away.


Andrew Pastides as Tom and William Connell as Jim, The Gentleman Caller, give perfectly matched performances.

-Talkin' Broadway


Equally phenomenal is Andrew Pastides as Eddie, especially in the way he captures the multiple sides of this roaming cowboy.  There are times he is like a gangly teenage boy with lovesick eyes and an aw-shucks demeanor.  Other times he is a roaring, screaming monster full of threats and possible violence.  His nervous, twitching energy springs forth through incredible physical feats of springing from a squat to full attention in a flash or of a mid-air, somersault leap onto the bed.  He also often resides for long periods on the floor with long legs twisting in knots, dangling in the air, or hanging onto the nearby bed.   In Eddie can be experienced much intensity, mystery, and something close to likeability; but with Eddie comes also explosions of slammed doors, stomped boots, and an angered voice that startles and scares. 

-Theatre Eddys

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Mr. Kolvenbach saves his affection for Beane, his quirkiest creation, and the excellent Mr. Pastides gives him a bright-eyed intensity and doleful center. Mr. Pastides earns your sympathy like nothing else....

-New York Times